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Iris Guesthouse
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Laconia is a place suitable both for those who seek adventure in natural settings and those interested in history.

Taygetos, the highest mountain of Peloponnese, is a big draw for the friends of mount hiking, as they will discover picturesque paths, some of which start from locations near the guesthouse.

Mystras and other sights

Mystras, a monument of great historical and archaeological interest, is the best preserved byzantine castle town in Greece.

The remnants will offer the visitor a time travel into the past, with all the monuments, palaces and churches that testify to the past grandeur. The Byzantine and Archaeological Museum of Mystras is also worth visiting.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Sparta, the remnants of the ancient city of Sparta, as well as the Olive and Greek Oil Museum, which was awarded by the Greek Institute of Architecture as one of the finest buildings of the past five years in Greece.